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The mission of Evidence Sport and Spinal Therapy is to be leaders in the delivery of safe, evidence-based, collaborative management of individuals with MSK pain through effective delivery of:

  1. Multidisciplinary clinical services
  2. Education and knowledge translation
  3. Clinical research.


Kelly Barrie


Kelly graduated from McMaster University in 1995 with an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy (BHScPT) and has spent over 17 years practicing as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Additionally, Kelly is acertified Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Practitioner and she has both a Diploma in Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy (FCAMPT) and a certificate in acupuncture (CAFCI). She has special interests in acute and chronic spinal rehabilitation, shoulder injuries and exercise programs specifically focused to her client’s goals.

Vicki Dancek


Vicki graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Physical Therapy in 1996 from the University of Toronto. Vicki has completed her manual therapy fellowship diploma (FCAMPT) and her Medical Acupuncture Certification, (University of Alberta and University of Beijing, China). Vicki has a special interest in treating headaches, neck and back pain. She also loves working within the multidisciplinary team at Evidence, to provide an appropriate solution to ongoing musculoskeletal problems, which may involve providing referral for prolotherapy evaluation/treatment, or interventional radiology procedures; as well as providing physiotherapy management before, during and after such procedures. Vicki also has an interest in work station ergonomics and core stabilization/postural retraining.

Robert Holmes


Rob has been a consultant at Evidence Physiotherapy since 2005. He graduated from McGill University in 1996 and received his Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2003. Rob completed a Masters in Clinical Science and Manipulative Physiotherapy from the University of Western Ontario in 2008 and is also certified in IntraMuscular Stimulation/dry-needling.

Rob’s main clinical interest is the assessment and treatment of acute and chronic spinal pain. After thorough assessment and education about the diagnosis, treatment options include manual therapy, IMS/dry-needling therapeutic exercise, and education on self-management strategies. In addition, Rob has several years of experience in providing consultation for suitability for prolotherapy treatment and interventional radiology procedures as well as physiotherapy management before, during and after such procedures in conjunction with the medical team.

Geoff Schneider

Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
PhD, DSc, BScKin, BHScPT, DipManip(PT), cGIMS

Geoff is a clinical specialist in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and a consultant at Evidence Sport and Spinal (located at the Advanced Spinal Care Centre (EFW Radiology). Following completion of his Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University, Geoff completed his Fellowship in Manual and Manipulative Therapy (FCAMPT) in 2002. He also became certified in GunnIMS in the same year. Geoff completed his doctoral studies (DSc) from Andrews University. His research involved cervical spine facet joint mediated pain and its effect on sensory hypersensitivity in chronic whiplash patients. He has presented at numerous conferences and clinical rounds, and has taught post-graduate courses across Canada. He is a co-developer and instructor of a modular based, evidence-based course in the management of whiplash associated disorders. Geoff has a strong interest in clinical epidemiology, in particular diagnostic accuracy in cervical spine disorders. As a result he is currently pursuing further doctoral studies, a PhD, at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Medicine. His research will involve the derivation of a clinical prediction guide in the diagnosis of facet joint mediated pain in the cervical spine. Geoff has been awarded a CIHR doctoral research award Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Kathryn Schneider

Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
PhD, DSc, BKin(hons), BHScPT, cGIMS

Kathryn Schneider is a physiotherapist in Calgary, Alberta and graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy in 1998.  She has completed her Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (2004), certification in Gunn IMS (2002) and a certification program in Vestibular Rehabilitation (Emory University), an Advances In Vestibular Rehabilitation (Duke University), and a Doctor of Science degree (DSc) (Andrew’s University) (2008) with her research focusing on dizziness and cervical spine dysfunction.  She completed her PhD at the University of Calgary in November 2012 studying the effects of multimodal physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation in athletes who have sustained sport-related concussions.

Kathryn has presented at numerous conferences, clinical rounds and has instructed courses on vestibular rehabilitation, whiplash and cervical spine pain.  She was a member of the expert panel of the 4th International Consensus on Concussion in Sport in Zurich, Switzerland in November 2012.Kathryn was selected by Avenue Magazine as one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40.

Jeff Habberfield


Jeff graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2005, followed by a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2008. Jeff has completed his Diploma in Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy (FCAMPT) and is a certified Gunn IMS practitioner.

Jeff is very grateful for the opportunity to learn from and work with the experienced Physiotherapists, Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at Evidence Sport and Spinal Therapy. He has a special interest in spinal conditions and motor vehicle accidents. Jeff enjoys the opportunity to work with all disciplines to provide the best possible outcome for each patient.

Tanielle Garcia,

MPT, BKin Hons

Tanielle Garcia graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2010. She graduated from the University of Regina in 2008 with her Bachelors in Kinesiology-Fitness and Lifestyle Honors Degree with a research component looking at the effects of neurofeedback on sport performance, as well as played university women’s hockey in the CIS (2003-2008). Tanielle is also a graduate of the Athol Murray College of Notre (2003).

Tanielle’s experience includes working in multi-disciplinary, private practice clinics where her case load includes a variety of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic conditions from children to the elderly population with a special interest in athletes. Tanielle has started to gain increased experience and training in the assessment and management of concussions and vestibular rehabilitation, and continues to increase her experience in manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription.

Tanielle has also gained experience working as a volunteer physiotherapist with a non-profit organization called World Spine Care (WSC). She travels to their clinics in Botswana, Africa annually (started in 2012) providing physiotherapy treatment and education to people in underserved regions.

Heidi Osborne

BSc.PT, GunnIMS, Part A

Heidi Osborne graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Physical Therapy in 1997 from the University of Alberta. Heidi has worked in multidisciplinary inter-collaborative sports and private practices in North Vancouver, Whistler, Calgary and Cochrane. She has pursued several post graduate qualifications in sports and orthopedics. Heidi has achieved her Certificate of Advance Orthopedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy (Part A) from the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (2003), Advance Spinal Manipulation course V4 (2008), SPC Sports First Responder certification (2009), certification in Gunn IMS (2006) as well as training in medical acupuncture (2001). Over the past 17 years, Heidi has been making custom thermal plastic hand and wrist splints, OA and ACL custom knee braces and custom orthotics.

Heidi has worked and travelled with many sports teams including the National freestyle team (1998-2001) and the National Snowboard team (2006-2012). She was the Western Physiotherapy Coordinator for the Canadian Snowboard Federation and went to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as the team physiotherapist.

She treats a wide cross section of clients from children to seniors, Olympic to recreational athletes. Heidi’s areas of special interests are treatment of spinal conditions, concussions, sport and dance injuries. She enjoys educating individuals about their injuries and maximizing their performance in sports, work and play. She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, ballet and yoga. Heidi is very grateful for the opportunity to work with the experienced Physiotherapists, Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at Evidence Sport and Spinal Therapy.

Susan Massitti

Susan Massitti

Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy, Diploma Manip PT &Sports Physiotherapy; UBC Gunn IMS, Certificate of Medical Acupuncture, Classical Pilates Instructor

Susan Massitti is happiest helping others and is passionate to empower people to be aware of and to connect to their body, to prevent injuries, to heal and to move optimally. She provides a wealth of knowledge, innovative and integrative solutions and strategies to stimulate the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

Our role as physiotherapists is ultimately to work in collaboration with you (and other professionals) to restore your physical wellness. Inuries and pain can challenge our physical and emotional capacities. This is as true for a soccer player experiencing a knee injury, as for an adult who is dealing with chronic neck or back pain. Susan’s expertise has helped Olympic and recreational athletes, as well as inspired many to restore their health.

Susan is a skilled clinician, educator and examiner. She instructs at the Advanced Coaching Diploma at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary and for UBC Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation postgraduate training. Susan was privileged to learn acupuncture from the gifted Dr. Aung, which she integrates with her knowledge. Susan is a “student of movement”, and shares her lessons learned from her experience as Classical Pilates teacher, an Olympic athlete (Susan competed in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in long track speed skating) and her participation in numerous sports.


Sunny Chhokar

Sunny Chhokar

MPhty (Musculo), MPT, BSc Kin, IMS Certified

Sunny graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor in Kinesiology in 2008, followed by a Masters in Physical Therapy in 2010. Following 3 years of private practice experience, Sunny moved to Brisbane Australia where he successfully completed his Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy degree in 2014 and has recently completed his training to perform IntraMuscular Stimulation/Dry-needling.

Sunny is very passionate about musculoskeletal physiotherapy and enjoys the challenge of treating a wide range of conditions. He is excited to work within the multi-disciplinary team in providing consultation for prolotherapy treatment and interventional radiology procedures for patients with acute or chronic conditions. Sunny is eager to continue with his post graduate education as well as working with the great team at Evidence.


Dr. Todd Gash

MD, Dip Sport Medicine

Dr. Gash has been a practicing physician at the Advanced Spinal Care Center, now Evidence Sport and Spinal, for the last 7 years with a primary focus in treating chronic musculoskeletal disorders using ultrasound guided regenerative injection therapies including dextrose prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections.

Dr. Gash has a background in Sports and Occupational Medicine. He has been practicing in Calgary since 1998 after completion of his military service as Battlegroup Medical Officer for NATO in Bosnia-Herzegovna. He completed his medical training at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1993 and a family medicine residency at McGill University in 1995. He obtained his Diploma in Sports Medicine from the Canadian Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine in 2005.

Dr. Adrian R Gretton

Dr. Adrian R Gretton


Dr. Gretton has a particular interest in musculoskeletal assessment as well as pain and injury management. His primary focus at this clinic is Prolotherapy treatment, which effectively treats injuries and degenerative changes in ligaments, joints, and tendons. He also offers platelet rich plasma injections.

Dr. Gretton has a background in family medicine and occupational medicine, as well as chronic pain. He enjoys teaching and life-long learning, and is a community-based clinical assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Calgary, where he completed his medical training in 1986.

Dr. Tony Giantomaso

Dr. Tony Giantomaso


Dr. Giantomaso is a Calgary-based Physiatrist who primarily works with Musculoskeletal and Brain Injury associated problems. He has a special interest in Post-Traumatic neck pain, Post-traumatic Headaches, and Migraine Headaches. His focus is in the use of Botox, trigger-points and other interventional pain management techniques for the treatment of Spinal pain and Migraine and post-traumatic Headaches. Dr. Giantomaso also has extensive experience in medico-legal medicine and has worked with many law-firms as a Medical Expert and expert witness in chronic post-traumatic pain.

Dr. Giantomaso has extensive experience in Community-based chronic spine pain, athlete and non-athlete chronic musculoskeletal issues, Interventional Spinal Procedures, and Brain Injury Rehabilitation. He enjoys teaching in his role as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary in Undergraduate Medicine. He completed his Post-Graduate Medical Residency at the University of Alberta, followed by a year of interventional spinal management training. Dr. Giantomaso's credentials include Fellowship of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2008, his Medical Doctorate in 2003 at the University of Saskatchewan, and his Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1999, and Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary, 1995.

Nurse Practitioner

Eric Lavoie


Eric is licensed as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) in the province of Alberta. Prior to becoming an NP, Eric worked as a Registered Nurse in the emergency room in Ottawa, Inuvik, and Calgary. He also worked for Health Canada as an out-post nurse in a remote northern Alberta community. Eric went on to complete a Clinical Masters Degree in Advanced Nursing Practice, which gives him the ability to diagnose, order laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, prescribe medications, and perform advanced invasive techniques.

In addition to his generalist training as an NP, Eric furthered his studies by completing additional practicum training in ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine at Calgary's Advanced Spinal Care Center. He is one of only a few medically trained practitioners in the province to offer ultrasound-guided injections to the spine. He has a particular interest in musculoskeletal injuries and pain that originate from muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

Eric is regarded as a clinical expert in his field and has given presentations on this subject at the University of Calgary, Canadian Bar Association, and multiple physiotherapy clinics throughout Calgary. He enjoys working closely and collaboratively with other health professionals, throughout Alberta and BC, in treating patients suffering from more complex pain.

He is also the current president of the Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta (NPAA). The NPAA is the professional voice for NPs and sees him working with government, politicians, and key stakeholders to improve Alberta's healthcare system.

In his personal live, he is married to a wonderfully supportive and understanding wife, Kristine, and has three children: Eli, Owen, and Colette.

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